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The private clinic "Ģimenes veselība" is a broad-profile outpatient treatment institution, where specialists from various fields are available. We are consulted by highly qualified doctors, the widest range of diagnostic options is available - from the simplest laboratory examinations to high-tech methods.

National programs

In our clinic you can receive state-paid services - pregnancy monitoring and childbirth. We provide early cancer detection program services - cervical oncocytological examinations and screening tests.
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Our most important task is to ensure that you can entrust your health to a professional for the best results

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Woman – healthy, brave, happy!

30. September | 2021.

Woman – healthy, brave, happy!

Branches and companies of the Veselības centrs group have prepared special offers for women to take care about their health, intimate health and emotional well-being in October.

Visual diagnostics opens the thirteenth branch - in Daugavpils!

07. April | 2021.

Visual diagnostics opens the thirteenth branch - in Daugavpils!

Please be informed that this year On April 7, the thirteenth branch of SIA “Veselības centrs 4” group company SIA “Vizuālā diagnostika” will start operating.